Providing translations inside a project

Every textual part of the project, such as text elements in views, view names, trend names, data-log names, etc. can have its own translation. The following screens show how to prepare translations for every part of your project.

Textual elements in Views #

Each textual element in view has its own properties. In properties, you can find the default text under the Section “Text” in item “Text”.


To provide a Translation for textual elements, fill in the section “Translations” in properties. Each language defined in the project has its own item. Here you can fill translation for every language.


Write/Set Commands #

Write/Set command can contain text as well. You can comfortably set multiple languages for write/set command text items by clicking on the translation button located next to the text item:


Translating Open Command #

Open Command provides language-specific settings for the option SQL Table. You are able to provide the header column names in the default language as well as in all predefined languages.