ADiS – Modular control system

The typical features of the ADiS system are its modularity and flexibility which enable the system’s effective use for small and simple as well as relatively demanding and complicated applications with emphasis on communication abilities.

The system consists of a central processing unit (CPU) and input/output modules. Up to 16 input/output or communication modules can be connected to the CPU. Maximum capacity of a single ADiS system is 256 input/output signals. This number can easily be extended using remote I/O modules or the CAN bus – up to several thousand signals per unit.

Typical use: technological complex control, monitoring, data concentrators, thermal systems regulation, machinery and appliance control, communication centre, universal use


Processor ST10F269 (procedural)
STM32F207 (communication)
Memory 1MB RAM
2MB + 256 KB FLASH
Slot for micro SD card
Webserver Yes
Communication channels 1× RS232, 1× RS485 (galvanic isolation)
1× Ethernet 10 / 100 Mbps
Number of input/output modules Max. 16
Cover protection rate IP20
Power supply 24 V DC ±20 %
Operating temperature 0 °C to 70 °C
Dimensions (w × h × d) (54 + 104 × 96) mm
 Mounting  35 mm DIN rail
Programming and debugging DetStudio

I/O modules

AD-DI8A 8× 24 V DC / AC digital input, common GND terminal, galvanic isolation
AD-DI8CP 8× 24 V DC / AC digital input, common terminal plus, galvanic isolation
AD-DI16A 16× 24 V DC / AC digital input, galvanic isolation
AD-FDI8 8× 5 to 24 V DC fast digital input, with galvanic isolation
AD-PDO8 8× 24 V DC, 500 mA digital transistor output, with galvanic isolation
AD-DO16 16× 24 V DC, 300 mA transistor digital output, galvanic isolation
AD-RDO5S 5× 250 V / 6 A relay output
AD-AI5 5× 0 to 5 V, 0 to 20 mA analogue input, 10 bits
AD-AI8 8× 0 to 5 V, 0 to 20 mA analogue input, 10 bits
AD-NI8 8× Ni1000 / Pt1000 input, 10 bits
AD-GAI8 8× ±10 V, ±20 mA analogue input, galvanic isolation, 15 bits + sign
AD-AO8U 8× analogue 0 to 10 V output, without galvanic isolation, 10 bits
AD-AO8I 8× analogue 0 to 20 mA output, without galvanic isolation, 10 bits
AD-GAO4U 4× ±10 V analogue output, galvanic isolation, 12 bits
AD-GAO4I  4× analogue ±20 mA output, with galvanic isolation, 12 bits

Communication modules

AD-UART 2× RS232 communication module
AD-UART4 2× RS485 / RS422 communication module, galvanic isolation
AD-ETH100 10 Mbps / 100 Mbps Ethernet interface communication module
ADC-CAN CPU extension for input/output signals through the CAN (DIOCAN) bus
 AD-CAN  CAN (DIOCAN) bus communication module

Special modules

AD-FAI8-A 8× ±10 V, 1 kHz analogue inputs


Document File
AD-AI5 Data sheet ad-ai5_d_en_100.pdf
ePLAN macro
AD-AI8 Data sheet ad-ai8_d_en_102.pdf
ePLAN macro
AD-AO8I Data sheet ad-ao8i_d_en_101.pdf
ePLAN macro
AD-AO8U Data sheet ad-ao8u_d_en_101.pdf
ePLAN macro
AD-CAN Data sheet ad-can_d_en_102.pdf
ePLAN macro
AD-CPUW2 Drawing symbol
Operation manual ad-cpuw2_g_en_103.pdf
Data sheet ad-cpuw2_d_en_101.pdf
ePLAN macro
AD-DI16A Data sheet ad-di16a_d_en_101.pdf
ePLAN macro
AD-DI8A Data sheet ad-di8a_d_en_101.pdf
ePLAN macro
AD-DI8CP ePLAN macro
AD-DO16 Data sheet ad-do16_d_en_101.pdf
ePLAN macro
AD-ETH100 Data sheet ad-eth100_d_en_101.pdf
ePLAN macro
AD-FAI8-A Data sheet ad-fai8a_d_en_100.pdf
AD-FDI8 Data sheet ad-fdi8_d_en_100.pdf
ePLAN macro
AD-GAI8 Data sheet ad-gai8_d_en_100.pdf
ePLAN macro
AD-GAO4I Data sheet ad-gao4i_d_en_102.pdf
ePLAN macro
AD-GAO4U Data sheet ad-gao4u_d_en_101.pdf
AD-NI8 Data sheet ad-ni8_d_en_100.pdf
AD-PDO8 Data sheet ad-pdo8_d_en_101.pdf
ePLAN macro
AD-RDO5S Data sheet ad-rdo5s_d_en_101.pdf
ePLAN macro
AD-S16 ePLAN macro
AD-UART Data sheet ad-uart_d_en_101.pdf
ePLAN macro
AD-UART4 Data sheet ad-uart4_d_en_101.pdf
ePLAN macro
ADC-CAN Data sheet adc-can_d_en_100.pdf
ePLAN macro
ADiS Technical manual adis_mh_en_101.pdf

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