AMiT Designer – editor for web visualization of control systems

The AMiT Designer editor is used to design and edit web visualizations implemented directly in Generation 2E+. control systems. Web visualization of control systems uses modern technologies known more in advanced server visualization – HTML5 standard, data exchange via websockets, graphic elements in SVG format or secure data transmission using SSL/TLS. AMiT Designer boasts a user-friendly interface and an extensive library of components. The design of the web visualization is done in WYSIWYG form. Therefore, no knowledge of any programming language is required.

The development of the AMiT Designer editor and the web server was carried out in cooperation with mySCADA Technologies s.r.o.



Creation of web visualization

  • user-friendly WYSIWYG editor
  • extensive library of predefined components with the possibility of individual customization
  • graphic components in SVG format modifiable directly in the editor environment
  • animation and visual effects support
  • layers handling
  • design of web visualizations for devices with different display sizes – from mobile phones to tablets to large-format screens
  • data exchange via websockets – fast update of individual components on the screen
  • linking to individual object properties in the control system is solved by exporting data from the DetStudio development environment
  • for demanding users a native JavaScript editor for scripting is available
  • option to select SSL/TLS secure data transfer
  • the editor is available for free – free download


AMiT Designer editor is distributed for free!


Recommended PC configuration:

  • MS Windows 10 (64bit) and higher
  • Screen resolution at least 1024×768
  • network card
  • Installed DetStudio version 3.0.48 and higher

Control system accessories:

  • micro SD card

AMiT Designer editor installation procedure:

Download the AMiT Designer installation file and start the installation. Then follow the installation wizard. The required free disk space is about 1 GB.

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