✵ Timeline

Timeline is a new feature which gives you great overview about most of important actions like Alarms, Recipes, Data Logs, User actions.

1. Create new Timeline

Once we create a new timeline, we will see 4 options which can be displayed in timeline.

User actions #

Once we mark User Actions as wanted we are able to choose what we want to display in this section starting from User Login, User Logout to User Action

Each selected category can have it’s own style to make it easier for your to recognize each actions.

If you click on style pop-up window should open:

  • Background – is colour of background
  • Foreground – is colour of font
  • Image – you can add your own custom image
  • Border – is colour of border
  • Number – is thickness of the border

CAS alarms #

If we mark CAS Alarms as wanted tab should open.

Here we can filter alarms using severity, limit of CAS alarms displayed on timeline, Max Height and Top line.

Style selection is same as it was in User actions.

Recipes in timeline #

If we mark recipes as wanted new tab should open, this tab leave us to select limit of recipes displayed on tab, using this feature you can keep track on who changed actual recipe, who edited/removed current recipe etc…

Timeline Data-logs #

Once you allow this function this window should come out, you can put there limit of logs displayed on timeline. First you need to click + Add. This will add a new tab in left side window and features at the right side should open.

Now you can put there a text, Top Line 1 or 2, also select tags which you want to be displayed.

And choose style for this certain datalog.


Example for Timeline User Actions #

Let’s say that we want to see when the user logs out or log in or change any value. So we will mark user actions as wanted, now we will edit it a bit,

Let’s say that user actions background will be blue everywhere and text for log in will be green and text for log out will be red and any other user action will have a black text.

Just like this:

Result of this part:

Example for Timeline CAS Alarms #

Let’s say that the Activated alarms will be red, so it will notice that something is wrong.

Deactivated Alarms will be blue, since they will be deactivated but still not confirmed by a user, so we will keep it blue in case that there is still something wrong to let user notice, that it needs to be confirmed by user just to be sure that everything is going smooth.

Green will be acknowledged alarms by a user.


Example Timeline Recipes: #

Let’s say that we want to see when we write recipe to PLC – yellow. And when the recipe will be edited we want to see it as purple.

The result is as we set before yellow – Set to PLC

Purple – Edit recipe by a user.

Example Timeline Datalogs #

So we have datalog DLG Modbus, which logs data of tags every 1 minute. In Time Line we choose this DLG and select tags which we want to be displayed in timeline, we choose colour and as a text as it’s shown in hint we can use $1$,$2$ for displaying both tags in time-line, we can also use equations in this text, just as it’s shown in hint which will pop up once you click on question mark.

Result is:

As we can see every minute there are 2 values logged as we have set in myDESIGNER previously.

For displaying just some decimal places and not all of them you can simply use quotation in definition (By default number is not rounded and it’s displayed in full size which in case of a lot of decimal places could cause an confusion):


Where $1$ will be replaced by a first tag and toFixed(1)} defines the number of decimal places.