✵ Recipes

The recipe is a feature which gives you option to create your own recipe in case that you would need to adjust several tags values at the same time by just one click.

Recipes can be edited or more can be added in runtime and then saved into the project.

First of all, we will start with creating a recipe, which we will do by right-clicking or left-clicking on the recipes section and we will select “add new” 

You will name recipe as you want

Then we will be able to define recipe itself

At the top of the window we can define connection important to mention is that if you have in project more than 1 PLC of the same type you can apply recipe for multiple PLCs of same type at once (As example if you would have a 3 production lines (PLCs) which do the exactly same job, you can simply apply the recipe on both lines simply just click a “+” and select connections of the same type.

When you are setting up a tag for recipe you can select out of several types, integer, string, bool, multiple choice, time.

You can also create a hidden definition which won’t be seen in recipes selection.

If you already have a project which includes recipes, and you know that the recipes in device has been changed by a time and you want to apply changes into your project simply click on “Check with device” button which will check actual recipes that are in project with recipes that are actually inside the device itself.

Once we are done with specifying definition we can insert data inside our recipe by clicking on “data”


Here we can specify data for each recipe and name each recipe.


You can either change order of data by clicking on “DataDown” or “DataUp”.

Once you are done with creation of your recipe, simply click on download project and download project to device once the project is downloaded to device we can access recipe like this:

Or you can either display recipes in active area or open with open command in a new window the choice is yours.

Once we get into recipe there can be two options how the recipe itself will be displayed one is with transpossed data being unchecked

Which allows you to use filtering columns simply just type in what you looking for to display it faster


The on with checked transpossed data doesn’t give you option to filter:


This option can be easily checked/unchecked in myDESIGNER when you click on project on the recipe you will get displayed properties of the recipe itself at the right side with all the other general stuff like view access level and write access level and also access level for exporting recipes in .csv.


You can also simply add/delete or edit current recipes in HMI as mentioned before by simply clicking on “edit”

Recipes can be also imported from .xls file

  • TIP: Enable confirm message so you won’t change any recipe by accident

You can also put there write/edit or read access to make sure that only people who will have enough permissions can write/edit or read recipes. You can EDIT/ADD new recipes in runtime!

  • Important note: If you will ever want to edit project where you have put any new recipes in runtime, please load them up first if you won’t do that your all created recipes in runtime will be erased.

The great feature which you can also use is a timeline for recipe edit, you will see who edited recipe and who changed something inside.