DM-485TO485 – RS485 line repeater

When implementing more extensive communication systems, it is often necessary to include an RS485 line repeater into the communication route. It enables extending the total length of the communication route (up to several kilometres), but also creating more complex structures of communication routes (T-connections), galvanically isolating individual communication segments or increasing the total number of stations in the network.

The repeater is designed to be mounted on a 35 mm rail with 24 V DC voltage. The line circuits are equipped with soft overvoltage protections. The repeater works in an automatic mode with transmission rates from 2,400 Bd up to 115 kBd.


Conversion type RS485 <-> RS485
Mounting  35 mm DIN rail
Direction control  Automated
Transmission rate 2,4 kBd to 115 kBd
Galvanic isolation Yes
Overvoltage protection Yes – 600 W suppressor diodes
Line status indication Power, Tx, Rx, En (active line)
Power supply 10 V DC to 35 V DC
Dimensions (w×h×d) (36 × 91 × 73) mm
Document File
DM-485TO485 Data sheet dm-485to485_d_en_101.pdf
Drawing symbol
ePLAN macro

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