ART4000W3 – verified concept returns

ART4000W3 – new CPU, new possibilities

Once one of the most popular control systems, ART4000 has had virtually no changes in its properties and configuration since its first production. This control operator panel with integrated inputs/outputs, classic industrial keyboard with keys and a simple LCD display is still a very interesting product for many applications out there. Entering values and operating with a mechanical button response is more natural for many users than touching a graphic display (especially with work gloves on). ART4000 has proven reliable in the most extreme environments full of dust, dirt and rough handling… We have decided to fill the original classic with a new CPU with Ethernet interface and a web server. Thanks to TCP/IP communication support, the ART4000W3 supports communication protocols DB-Net/IP and MODBUS TCP/IP (client/server). Moreover, it also features an SD card for a web application or archive data. Operating temperature range of the new design is standard -20 to 60 °C.

The important things that the number, type and wiring of input and output connectors remains unchanged. The only exception is that analogue outputs are now only available in the version 0 to 10 V. Compare properties of the original and new control operator panel.

ART4000W3 - řídicí operátorský panel

ART4000W3 - zadní pohled