AMR-OP83 – unusually small, yet unusually useful

Good things come in small packages

Flexible and universal – the main features of the new control system, AMR-OP83. It is one of the most compact control systems AMiT manufactures, yet it doesn’t lack functionality or flexibility. Let’s explore its features.

Display and control

The most eye-catching feature is the 3.2″ graphic resistive touchscreen with excellent contrast, 320×240 pt resolution and good viewing angles. The 64.8×48.6 mm display area may seem small, but it is more than sufficient for controlling equipment and displaying various technical data. The amount of data one can fit onto the screen depends solely on how the UI is designed in the DetStudio IDE WYSIWYG editor.


Communication options

AMR-OP83 doesn’t feature inputs or outputs; the equipment to be controlled needs to be connected either via the remote I/O modules of the AMRIO series or via one of the communication interfaces – Ethernet, RS485, RS232, or CAN. In its basic configuration, the control system features Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) and RS485 without galvanic isolation. AMR-OP83 is the first control system manufactured by AMiT that supports communication modules from the EM-xx series. Inserting one of the modules extends the communication capabilities of the control system. They plug into the miniPCIe connector accessible by dismounting the back cover. Currently, there are modules for RS232 and RS485 with GI; the module for the CAN bus is in development. The control system can feature one plug-in module at a time.

EM-xx communication modulesConnection of an EM-xx module into the base board of the control system

Ready for IoT

Given that AMR-OP83 supports WebSocket and MQTT (both as a publisher and subscriber), it directly supports IoT (Internet of Things) projects. Furthermore, in terms of security, the Ethernet interface supports the EAP/TLS standard. We will discuss these technologies and their use in a future post on the AMiT company website.

User applications

Being a freely programmable control system entails customisable programmes and applications – anything from the control algorithms to the graphic design of the UI can be adjusted or built from scratch. AMR-OP83 is entirely supported by DetStudio IDE versions 2.1.4x and newer. Apart from designing the UI, you can also develop a custom web presentation using the built-in web server.


AMR-OP83 is the first control system manufactured by AMiT that attaches to the switchboard cabinet door by using the included mounting clamp fasteners. These clamps slide into the pre-made mounting slots in the back cover of the control system, and the bolt then fixes it to the switchboard door. This installation method will find its way to other HMIs.

AMR-OP83 mounting clamp

Suitable for harsh conditions

The metal build of AMR-OP83 makes it suitable for harsh industrial application. The robust front panel fixed with mounting clamps to the switchboard cabinet ensures a protection rating of up to IP65. Moreover, the system is guaranteed to flawlessly function in environs with temperatures between -20 and 70 °C.

Side-view of the AMR-OP83 mechanicsUniversally applicable

AMR-OP83 can be best utilised in control projects for small-scale technology projects or controlling local equipment. Remote inputs and outputs can be connected by using the remote I/O modules of the AMRIO series. AMR-OP83 can also be used as an affordable colour terminal for any of the control systems manufactured by AMiT or other manufacturers as long as their control system supports MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP or CAN.

Autonomous control

  1. Autonomous control and process control of a smaller piece of equipment – inputs and outputs are managed via AMRIO modules; communicates with a superior system, the LookDet cloud-based supervisory system or an IoT system for data collection and evaluation.

AMR-OP83 as an HMI

2. AMR-OP83 as an HMI for control system using Ethernet communication (MODBUS TCP, DB-Net/IP) or a serial line (MODBUS RTU, ARION, DB-Net).

AMR-OP83 jako součást komplexních řešení

3. Part of complex operation and process control. The connectivity of AMR-OP83 can control the local technology operation of intelligent devices or concentrate data for energy monitoring purposes. Importantly, AMR-OP83 shares programming and variable sharing platform with other control systems manufactured by AMiT.


AMR-OP83 – irreplaceable aide

AMR-OP83 is especially suited for small-scale control projects; however, it will also shine in communication heavy setups. In addition, it may be financially attractive as a replacement for the discontinued AMR-OP84. In terms of functionality and construction, it is similar to the AMR-OP10 control HMI. Last but not least, it is excellent for replacing the now obsolete APT200 and APT1000G text HMIs.

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