AM-xx and CM-xx plug-in modules for control systems

The AM-xx series covers analogue outputs and communication lines modules which can be used in compact control systems AMAP99S and AMiRiS99S.

The CM-xx series offer communication lines modules for the ACOS200 control system.

These modules are inserted into designated sockets beneath the cover of the control system.


AM-xx Analogue output modules

AM-AO2U Module for 2× 0 to 10 V analogue voltage outputs
AM-AO2I  Module for 2× 0 to 20 mA analogue current outputs


AM-xx Communication modules

AM-RS485 Module for a galvanically isolated RS485 line
AM-RS232 RS232 interface module
AM-CAN CAN bus module
AM-MBUS M-Bus module (1-3 devices)


CM-xx Communication modules

CM-RS485 Module for a galvanically isolated RS485 line
CM-RS232 RS232 interface module
CM-CAN CAN bus module



Document File
AM-AO2I Data sheet am-ao2i_d_en_100.pdf
AM-AO2U Data sheet am-ao2u_d_en_100.pdf
AM-CAN Data sheet am-can_d_en_100.pdf
AM-MBUS Data sheet am-mbus_d_en_100.pdf
AM-RS232 Data sheet am-rs232_d_en_100.pdf
AM-RS485 Data sheet am-rs485_d_en_101.pdf
CM-CAN Data sheet cm-can_d_en_100.pdf
CM-RS232 Data sheet cm-rs232_d_en_100.pdf
CM-RS485 Data sheet cm-rs485_d_en_100.pdf

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