AMAP99W3 and AMiRiS99W3 – a classic in a new design

AMAP99W3, AMiRiS99W3 – new versions of reliable systems

Very popular systems AMAP99S and AMiRiS99S serving primarily for regulation of heat sources have gotten new variants marked W3. AMAP99W3 and AMiRiS99W3 have a completely restructured CPU core that supports TCP/IP communication within the information system DB-Net/IP and mainly the protocol MODBUS TCP/IP client/server.

Applicators will surely appreciate the embedded web server which allows them to create a simple web presentation of the technology controlled by means of the AWDet editor directly in the control system. Therefore, we avoid complementing the systems with external web servers as was necessary in the previous versions of AMAP99S and AMiRiS99S systems. Another innovation is the support of long-term archive storage to anSD card. Programming of applications in both systems will be supported in the future version of DetStudio development environment (watch our news).

In terms of input and output configuration, the new systems are entirely identical to their previous versions. Connections of individual signals into terminal connectors is also entirely identical and requires no interference in installations in the event of system replacement. Despite that, the new design of the control systems is easy to spot – the upper metal covers is entirely green and does not feature the top graphic foil found e.g. in the system ACOS200. Dimensions and mounting slots remained unchanged in both devices.

Another pleasant innovation is the operating temperature range. Both W3 versions are designed for operation in an extended default temperature range from -40 to 70 °C .