ViewDet ver. 1.3.1

Release notes – Version 1.3.1

Fixed: Inspector – writing into an alias specifying the bit of matrix cell causes an unacknowledged exception.
Fixed: Time plan – if the data matrix is type ML, the plan cannot be defined.
Fixed: Time plan/Interpol – although the control is defined as “Read only”, value editing is still enabled.
Fixed: Visualising a string featuring a Unicode character bigger than U+7FFF causes an unacknowledged exception.
Fixed: Matrix – if the matrix contains a large number of columns, it may cause an exception when displaying the scene.
Fixed: PC archive – if communication errors occur during reading, an error may occur when the communication stops resulting in permanent shutdown of the archive when the archive does not read any new archive records after the communication starts again.
Fixed: Archives – if an archive is displayed in a table of small dimensions, the size remains the same after a switch to display in a graph and the subsequent drag&drop of the size does not seem functional.
Fixed: S-button/V-button – if both buttons are in a scene at once, images of these buttons are not saved (they keep “getting lost”).
Improved: New icons to display the floating/static mode of archive controls.
Improved: Operation log – in the definition dialogue, the tab Formatting rules is activated as default.
New: Operation log – formatting rules for EsiDet devices added into the basic set of rules.
New: Interpol/DayPlan – the option to set the size of the touch point size of the shift (for touchscreen).
New: Command line – more options added at ViewDet startup.
New: Database – the ability to import DB-Net variables from the project for AMREG added.
New: Export – the interval for export can be defined in a more complex way (all, younger than, older than, in interval, outside interval).

Fixed minor bugs and made some other improvements.


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