ViewDet ver. 1.3.0

Release notes – Version 1.3.0

New: The operation mode allows the user the enable/disable (autonomously) the display of any scene, Variables window, Aliases window, Filters window, and may launch the operation Download and IP configuration settings.
New: The project allows the user to define a default scene that appears when the user opens a project.
New: Pre-defined strategies for closing inactive scenes in the project (this feature is intended to cooperate with the new element for switching between scenes).
New: The element DPlan mode can be set to have the first break fixed at the time 0:00.
New: Elements Archives and Operation log display the reading status in the toolbar (OK, error, read X samples, etc.).
New: A new element (button) to toggle between scenes.
New: A new element (button) for writing variable bits/values.
New: ViewDet enables users to define styles (grouped in a new window Styles), which can influence the visual appearance of some scene elements.
New: The Variable element is now able to change font size and shape, and the colour of the background and foreground.
New: The Text element can be assigned a style (if multiple Text elements have the same style, changing the style will affect all Text elements at once).
Changed: The Export archive data dialogue has been modified to better accentuate selected archival elements to be exported.
Change: Modified filters editing to be unified with styles editing.
Bug fix: Clear Archive screen.
Bug fix: A great number of opened tabs causing an unhandled exception of ViewDet.
Bug fix: Transparent background of texts.
Bug fix: Custom mode for the timeline in the Archive element.
Bug fix: It was not possible to specify a limit value of the filter for date and/or time.
Bug fix: Changing the source variable of an alias (WID / station) was causing malfunction of aliases.

Fixed minor bugs and made some other improvements.


Download the ViewDet now.


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