Oil barges monitoring system

  • Venue: Oil barges ORCA, JAGUAR
  • Country: France
  • Year: 2018-2019
  • Segment: transport, maritime
  • Implementation partner: SAS Security Freight Action, France

The target of this project was to equip transport ships – oil barges – with the necessary equipment to ensure secure loading, offloading and transport of material for purposes of an insurance company. There is a cloud server located in Paris, France, which handles communication with barges over satellite phones and facilitates data acquisition and processing.

The ADiS control system does the following operations:

  • Collects information from pressure sensors that evaluate the ship tilt in the transport and loading process.
  • Evaluates signals from cargo doors to prevent unauthorized entries.
  • Handles communication with the cloud server via a satellite phone and with a local control panel via local wi-fi.
  • Provides an interface for the barge crew for data entry – the type of material, expected volume, routes & destinations, etc. Detailed data are available for transportation charges and taxes.
  • Communicates the geo-fencing position of the barge utilising river-defining matrices, with a focus on river traffic improvement, while communicating with chamber locks supervisors.

As a pilot, two barges have been equipped, while there are two more simulators on-shore. Further installations are expected to be commissioned within upcoming years.

Utilised components: ADiS modular system


An oil barge utilising the ADiS system

An oil barge utilising the ADiS system