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Converter of MODBUS RTU/ARION to MP-Bus

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This converter replaces both older versions – DMM-MPBUS (MODBUS RTU protocol) and DM-MPBUS (ARION protocol).

  • RS485 interface with either MODBUS RTU protocol or ARION protocol
  • MP-Bus master for up to 8 devices
  • indication of communication with individual devices
  • power and state indication via LEDs
  • 35-mm DIN rail mounting
  • powered 24 V DC / AC


Conversion type RS485 <-> MP-Bus
Mounting 35-mm DIN rail
RS485 communication protocol MODBUS RTU / ARION (selectable)
Transfer rate 9,600 bps to 115,200 bps
Galvanic isolation of RS485 Yes
Number of stations per RS485 network 63
Power 20 V DC to 30 V DC
Operation temperature range -40 °C to 70 °C
Dimensions (w × h × d) (54 × 90 × 61) mm
Document File
DM-MPBUS2 Data sheet dm-mpbus2_d_en_101.pdf
Drawing symbol dm-mpbus2_s_en_100.zip
ePLAN macro dm-mpbus2_se_en_100.zip
Operation manual dm-mpbus2_g_en_102.pdf
Instalation file DM-MPBUS2_Application_v112.zip