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RS232 to RS485 converter, ext. power supply 24V, DIN rail mounting, aut./controlled switching

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  • galvanic isolation with soft overvoltage protection
  • transmission rate 0 to 115 kBd
  • automatic or controlled transmission direction
  • line status indicated by LED diodes
  • 35 mm DIN rail mounting, power supply 24 V


Conversion type RS232 <-> RS485
Mounting  35 mm DIN rail
Direction control RTS signal / non RTS / automated
Transmission rate 0 to 115 kBd
Galvanic isolation Yes
Overvoltage protection Yes – 600 W suppressor diodes
Line status indication Power, Tx, Rx, En (active line)
Power supply 10 V DC to 35V DC

Dimensions (w×h×d)

(36 × 91 × 73) mm


DM-232TO485 Basic design
DM-232TO485C 250 µs switching time
DM-232TO485V With 5 V power supply
Document File
DM-232TO485 Data sheet dm-232to485_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol dm-232to485_s_en_101.zip
ePLAN macro dm-232to485_se_en_100.zip
DM-232TO485V Data sheet dm-232to485v_d_en_100.pdf