EvoBus Česká republika s.r.o., Holýšov

  • Venue: Holýšov
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Years: 2007 – 2016
  • Segment: corporate energy


The AMiT devices form the lowest communication level and data collection level of so called data concentrators. Data concentrators are used to collect data, control and command other technologies.There are total 30× ADiS, 11× AMiNi and 1× ADiR.

After data concentrator processing, the data is transferred to the primary data storage space of the ENERGIS information system. The primary data storage transmits the processed values to the database (the central data storage), which already directly interacts with the visualization (web thin client).

The system as a whole is primarily used for:

  • Energy consumption measurement – billing and sub-meters (electricity, water, natural gas).
  • Maximum power consumption control using an AMiT controller. Consumption diagram display.
  • Lighting control in production halls. Operators may divide the lights into segments, use manual control, making time plans, displaying the current status and consumption, calculate energy savings (simulating full performance).
  • Skylight monitoring and control (current status, control, making time plans), rain sensors and meteo-station data.
  • Heating systems monitoring and control. Operators are able to monitor 2 boiler rooms, saharas in production lines (current status, control, making time plans).
  • Air-conditioning systems monitoring and control (current status, control, making time plans).
  • Monitoring of HSW solar pre-heating.
  • Monitoring and control of the set for compressed-air supply (current status, control, making time plans).
  • Sprinkler system monitoring – monitoring the water level (volume) in the tank. System of warnings.
  • Minimum technical gas supply watch.
  • Diagnostics of transformer station fans (TPM – Total Productive Maintenance).
  • Control of the administration building blinds on the basis of wind and meteo-station data, safety measures, manual control.
  • Gate shutter control.