DetStudio ver. 2.2.36

What’s new in version 2.2.36

EsiDet Editor:

  • MQTT protocol support
  • Improved I/O editing (manual control, DI negation optionality, addition of correction constants Ax+B for AI inputs, option to edit multiple properties in a table at the same time, properties available for editing in process matrixes)
  • Interrupt processes now linkable not only to DI´s, but also to any BOOL variable or Alias
  • New modules (to improve compatibility with PseDet projects)
  • Function blocks – option to make internal variable/property available using a parameter
  • New property in Timer, which allows linking a subprogram to it
  • Modem library now more robust
  • New basics of system communication – native stations EsiDet as remote stations

Furthermore, this version brings bug fixes and minor improvements.

Download the latest version of DetStudio.