DetStudio ver. 2.0.46

DetStudio 2.0 – New version released!

After almost two years of work, we have released a new version of our development environment DetStudio 2.0 today. Its number 2.0 marks essential changes and innovations not only for long-term programmers of our systems, but also for those who are only starting with DetStudio. The new version includes a major change in the compiler for programming control systems (PseDet); the compiler now uses innovated modern approach and therefore the compilation has significantly accelerated. However, it was programming in the EsiDet editor that has seen the most significant changes – it is now very similar to the original programming in PseDet, but it became much more comfortable. This big step has upgraded the whole series of programmable controllers AMREG (ACOS200, AMR-OP87, AMR-OP87/P, AMR-CP40 etc.) to the function of control systems. Furthermore, the programming has been enhanced with many innovations and improvements based on the long-term experience of our company and carefully gathered feedback from our customers. These improvements make creating an application programme a much easier and more efficient experience.

The list of all innovations and improvements in the new version is quite extensive, that is why we chose to introduce the changes beforehand in a series of articles describing the most interesting innovations in DetStudio 2.0. We recommend these articles mainly to all programmers of AMiT control systems who have been actively using the development environment already.

Tell us about your opinions and experience with the new version of DetStudio on one of our communication channels – AMiT discussion forum, technical support or send us an e-mail. Your opinions and insights will help us perfect the future versions. Thank you.

The new version of DetStudio is available for download here.