DetStudio ver.

Overview of changes – Version

This version brings fixed bugs and minor improvements.

Process editor:

  • The change of variable name in the dialogue has not manifested in the links used
  • Inspector – DS crash after editing the matrix with characters [,]


  • Unable to define the content of the Archive object
  • AMR-OP60 response to pressing two middle keys
  • DB-Net – time from the remote station to the Inspector caused DetStudio crash
  • ModbusSlaveTCP property Connect kept signalling true
  • The control AplanDB caused AMR-OP87 to restart
  • All unsupported stations NOA, NOA70 removed from obsolete
  • A new property WidOffset for remote stations on DB-Net
  • Object PWM kept working in the “MinMax” mode
  • Astro – transition from 1.8.2 to 1.8.3 did not implement the feature “TimeZone” correctly
  • Object Alarm – at Delay 0, the error was not processed at all
  • Variable editing caused DetStudio crash
  • Copying an alias caused DetStudio crash
  • Double-clicking the cell in the table (Alias/Archive) caused DetStudio crash

Screen editor:

  • TextEdit in AMR not functional when working with a remote variable
  • IPAddressEdit (Pse) – writing into the property “Value” from the script
  • APlanDB functionality for two-status mode fixed


Current DetStudio version available for download here.