AMR-OP87/P – Ready for on-wall mounting

Although the graphic terminal/control system AMR-OP87 is designed for industrial use, it has found its way into interior installation in non-industrial buildings. Unfortunately, its design was not meant for mounting in switchboard doors, it is not a suitable interior design element and mounting it into a wall has proven troublesome. That is why we have developed a new system AMR-OP87/P with mechanical design for on-wall mounting above a classic installation box KU 68. We install a mounting console (included in the product delivery) on the box, hang the terminal onto the console and secure it with a lock bolt. Basic parameters of the terminal remain entirely identical, but instead of two RS485 interfaces, only one is available. However, it has a position for installation of a module for communication with a wireless communication system Poseidon 868 MHz. The currently available design is AMR-OP87/P02 with a natural elox panel and black rear cover. Read more on our page on control terminals of the series AMR-OP87.