We test all employees twice a week

At AMiT, antigen testing for Covid-19 has been launched today and will be performed twice a week. This was implemented to try to prevent the spread of the disease among employees as much as possible.

AMiT has already transferred some employees to the home-office for positions whose nature allows it and has introduced other measures such as temperature measurement, the obligation to wear respirators and disinfection available in common areas.

“We adhere to all measures and try to respond quickly to the situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Regular testing of our employees definitely contributes to the prevention and can protect our employees and their families from viral infection. The health of our employees and their families or friends is very important to us,” adds Ondřej Novotný, Operation Director of the company.

Some measures have been implemented and adhered to by AMiT since the beginning of the pandemic in the spring of 2020, so there were no delays in completed orders and AMiT still fulfils the promised delivery dates to our partners.


Posted in News | 5. 3. 2021