1. Basics
    1. These terms and conditions of business determine relations covering the provision of goods and services by the company AMiT, spol. s r.o. (hereinafter “The Supplier”) and Customers (hereinafter “The Client”) and are binding for all business with the Supplier including rental unless agreed otherwise in writing.
    2. These terms and conditions of business contain:
      • The price of goods/service of the agreement
      • Delivery conditions
      • Payment conditions
      • Guarantee conditions
      • Claims conditions
        • Orders from the Client are accepted in written form (by post, fax or e‑mail). Oral or telephone orders are only acceptable in exceptional circumstances.
        • The Supplier will confirm the scope of supply, the means of delivery, the price and the delivery date in written confirmation.
        • If the Client fails to collect the goods within three months of the requested and confirmed delivery date, the order is automatically cancelled. If the Client continues to require the goods, they will have to place a new order. This provision does not apply in the case of custom development and manufacture of special equipment.
        • The stipulations of the contract have precedence over the terms and conditions of business.
        • These terms and conditions are governed by, based on and subject to the law of the Czech Republic. All disputes, discrepancies and duties arising from these commercial conditions or in connection with them will be resolves by a court in the Czech Republic.
  2. Price
    1. The supplier’s price lists and oral and telephone information about the price of the goods/service in question are only of an informative nature. The Supplier has the right to make unilateral changes to the price.
    2. The Client has the right to require a price offer in order to specify the price and specifications of the goods/service. The offer is binding and is valid for 30 days unless stated otherwise.
    3. The final price of the order is stated in the written order confirmation.
  3. Delivery Conditions
    1. Delivery conditions are mentioned in the written order confirmation.
    2. The Supplier has the right to change the confirmed delivery conditions. A change in the delivery conditions is not considered a breach in commercial relations. The client will be immediately informed of any such change.
    3. The place of delivery is the Supplier’s head office. The Client should mention the means of delivery and the destination in the order. If he fails to do this, the goods will be sent to the invoice address using a courier service (delivering only on working days).
    4. The delivery date depends on the type of goods and the quantity ordered. A binding date is written against each item on the written order confirmation.
    5. The delivered goods remain the exclusive property of the Supplier until full payment has been completed.
    6. The confirmed delivery date is understood to be the day the goods are handed over to the first transport agent’s or the day the goods are picked up in person from the Supplier’s head office.
    7. If it is not a part of the order, all technical documentation is on the supplier’s website on www.amitomation.com.
  4. Payment Conditions
    1. The price of the goods/service is understood to be EXW, i.e. Ex Works in accordance with Incoterms, from the Supplier’s head office. Transport costs are not included in the price and are to be paid for by the Client.
    2. Payment should be made in cash or in advance for the first deliveries.
    3. SHA instruction will be applied on payments from abroad or in a currency other than CZK. The fees of the sending bank will be paid by the sender, while the fees of the transit and receiving banks will be paid by the beneficiary.
    4. The invoice is considered paid on the day when the whole amount is received on the Supplier’s account or the day when payment is made in cash.
    5. The purchased goods can be returned to the Supplier in exceptional circumstances and upon mutual consent. For returned or exchanged goods within 3 months of being acquired, a cancellation penalty can be applied at 10 % of the selling price. A cancellation penalty of 20 % can be applied on returned and exchanged goods more than 3 months of them being acquired. The latest possible date for returning goods is 6 months from the sale. Only unused goods can be returned. This provision does not apply in the case of custom development and manufacture of special equipment.
    6. Goods can be rented based on an order and after agreeing with the Supplier. If the goods are not returned in time or they are returned damaged, the Supplier is entitled to charge the Client for damages incurred by not returning the goods up to the final price of the goods in accordance with the supplier’s valid price list. By renting the goods, the Client accepts this way of determining the damages.
  5. Warranty
    1. The Supplier provides a warranty of 36 months on goods produced in-house.
    2. The warranty period can be extended to 60 months upon individual agreement. However, this will increase the sales price by 15 %. This only covers goods produced by the Supplier.
    3. Concerning goods produced by other manufacturers, their own warranty period and conditions
    4. The warranty period begins the day the goods are taken over or handed over to the first transport agent.
    5. The warranty covers material defects, functional defects and defects that have arisen during the manufacturing, assembly or installation of the goods by the Supplier’s staff.
    6. The warranty does not cover defects caused by fire, water, static electricity, atmospheric charge, wear and tear and fluctuations in voltage outside the permitted limits (especially excess voltage). Neither does the warranty cover defects caused by amateur installation, using the goods in conflict with the technical documentation, amateur repair or any other amateur handling. The warranty does not cover defects caused by failing to operate the goods in accordance with the technical documentation.
    7. The Supplier will fix the defect either by repairing it at a servicing centre, by exchanging it with a defect-free product, or during service.
  6. Claims
    1. The Client has the right to demand and the Supplier is obliged to fix defects free of charge in the warrantee period provided the conditions for recognising the warranty have been met.
    2. The repairs order should be in writing and should contain a description of the fault.
    3. The warranty can only be recognised if the Client presents the warranty confirming the guarantee. If the warranty is not presented, it depends on the Supplier whether to admit the warranty or not based on their own internal records.
    4. If it becomes apparent during the under-warranty repairs that the claim is not justified, all costs connected with the repairs will be billed to the Client.
    5. Under-warranty and post-warranty servicing is provided exclusively at the Supplier’s servicing centres. Repairs are received only during working hours between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
    6. The Supplier can also offer servicing at the Client’s place of installation. Such extra-value servicing is provided during working hours between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. The Client should pay for travel costs even if the claim is justified.

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