SH in Třeboň

  • Venue: SH Třeboň
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Year: 2018
  • Segment: building automation, sport venues
  • Implementation partner: NORDIC LIGHT s.r.o.

The sports hall is located near the AURORA spa resort, where a subsequent course of medicinal baths can be arranged. In terms of accommodations, there are two hotels located just 100 m from the hall. Another possibility is the Sports club hostel in Třeboň. Just next to the hall, there are football fields both with an artificial surface and with natural grass. The area is well suited for jogging.

All facilities are suitable for both short- and long-term training camps of all sports teams. Just as well, the hall can be used for organising tournaments, qualifications and international events.

It is possible to adjust the lighting in the hall to fit the specific needs – different setup for volleyball, dimmer lights for training sessions and yet another setting with sharper lights for handball. It is possible to either switch lights on for a limited area only and at a lower intensity as it is possible to switch everything on at full intensity.

The control system of the AMiT company is used as a data collection system. Remote supervision along with a webserver and visualisation of lighting control was implemented.

Utilised components: AMiNi4W2