Pricelist update (7/2018)

Commentary to the pricelist (valid from July 2018):

  • a completely new price calculation, changes in prices concern virtually all products!
  • new items: AMiRiS99W3, AMAP99W3, ART4000W3 (more information coming soon)
  • a new series of industrial computers PPC4000 (more information coming soon)
  • production of the series AMR-OP60B/xx terminated (battery version)
  • change of rebate group of AMR-OP70/71 and AMR-OP10/90, all products type AMR-OPxx are now in rebate group R1
  • change of rebate group of DM-MB2ET/A, DM-DI4MB2ET, AWEB, DM-GSM2 to R2

AMiT business partners can download the new pricelist after logging in to our site. If you have no access to downloading the current pricelist, and you are an AMiT business partner, please contact your sales representative to provide access for you.