Pricelist update (11/2018)

Pricelist update includes (as of November 2018):

  • new items: control terminal AMR-OP87/P02, wireless communication module AW-P868A (more information coming soon)
  • new communication converter for M-Bus DM-MBUS64
  • a new series of communication units AMR-CP4x (more information coming soon)
  • production of the AWEB web server terminated, replaced by AMR-CP40 with an implemented web server application
  • Production of on-wall controllers of the series AMR-OP71 regarding variants with metallic colour AMR-OP71(B)(C)/02 and AMR-CU71B/02 terminated. Only the variant /01 in platinum colour remains at a modified price.
  • modified price of ART4000W3


Business partners of the AMiT company may donwload the updated pricelist after logging in our website or use our web order system. If you do not have access to the current pricelist or web orders, contact your AMiT sales representative and they will arrange it with you.

Posted in News | 22. 11. 2018