Pricelist update (1/2019)

Pricelist commentary (valid from January 2019):

  • prices modified in certain modules of systems ADiS, AMiNi4DW2, AMAP99, of some controllers in the series AMREG, AMR-OP60, AMR-OP40, AMR-OP30A, DM-AO8I, DM-485TO485
  • new name for AMR-OP40C, now available as AMR-OP40RHC (designation for humidity measurement)
  • AMR-CP4x units are now classified among compact control systems (without their own I/O)
  • production terminated: AMR-OP71B/01, RD-SW006/AR1 and RB-SW00A/NR1

For fast and easy orientation, changes in the pricelist are highlighted in green.


Business partners of the AMiT company can download the new pricelist after logging in on the AMiT website. If you need access to download the current pricelist and you are an AMiT business partner, please contact your sales representatives to arrange the access for you.



Posted in News | 23. 1. 2019