Price list update (1/2020)

Price List commentary (as of January 2020):

  • changes in the price of almost all items
  • new series of AMRIO extension I/O modules replacing the existing DM-xx and DMM-xx series; relevant technical documentation will be published in the nearest future
  • modules of DM-xx and DMM-xx series will be available while stocks last; consult your AMiT sales representative about replacing existing setup with AMRIO modules
  • out of the AMR-CP2x series, only the AMR-CP24/01 variant remains on offer – we recommend replacing the other variants with the AMR-CP4x system
  • discontinued production of the AMR-OP84/G control terminal
  • discontinued production of the APT401x and PPC4000 series panel and embedded computers with OS Windows – in case you require this OS, please, contact your AMiT sales representative
  • the price of the ACOS200 control system was significantly reduced

The updated price list is available for our registered business partners on our website after logging in. In case you do not have access to the current price list and you are a business partner of AMiT company, please, consult your AMiT sales representative to arrange the access.