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8× analogue output 0 V to 20 mA, 12-bit resolution

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  • Module with 8 analogue outputs 0 V to 20 mA, 12-bit resolution


  • intelligent extension I/O modules based on ARION and MODBUS RTU communication
  • up to 63 modules connected to a single control system at once
  • extending the control system by up to 1,512 digital or 756 analogue inputs
  • system support in all AMiT control systems
  • detection of communication failures
  • public communication protocol ARION
  • supported parametrisation in the DetStudio development environment


Communication line RS485
Galvanically isolated line Yes
Communication speed 9,600 Bd to 115,200 Bd
RS485 network module count Max. 63
Power supply  19.2 V DC to 28.8 V DC
Consumption Type dependent – 24 mA to 150 mA
Signals connection WAGO cage clamps
Ingress Protection rating IP20
Operating temperature -20 °C to 70 °C
Installation 35 mm DIN rail
Dimensions (w × h × d)  (106 × 101 × 62) mm
Programming DetStudio/EsiDet


Document File
AMRIO-AI12 Drawing symbol amrio-ai12_s_en_100.zip
ePLAN macro amrio-ai12_se_en_100.zip
Data sheet amrio-ai12_d_en_102.pdf
Operation manual amrio-ai12_g_en_102.pdf
AMRIO-AI8AO8U Drawing symbol amrio-ai8ao8u_s_en_100.zip
ePLAN macro amrio-ai8ao8u_se_en_100.zip
Data sheet amrio-ai8ao8u_d_en_103.pdf
Operation manual amrio-ai8ao8u_g_en_103.pdf
AMRIO-AI8DO8 Drawing symbol amrio-ai8do8_s_en_100.zip
ePLAN macro amrio-ai8do8_se_en_100.zip
Data sheet amrio-ai8do8_d_en_103.pdf
Operation manual amrio-ai8do8_g_en_103.pdf
AMRIO-AI8RDO8 ePLAN macro amrio-ai8rdo8_se_en_100.zip
Data sheet amrio-ai8rdo8_d_en_102.pdf
Operation manual amrio-ai8rdo8_g_en_102.pdf
Drawing symbol amrio-ai8rdo8_s_en_100.zip
AMRIO-AO8I Data sheet amrio-ao8i_d_en_101.pdf
ePLAN macro amrio-ao8i_se_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol amrio-ao8i_s_en_100.zip
Operation manual amrio-ao8i_g_en_103.pdf
AMRIO-DI24 Drawing symbol amrio-di24_s_en_100.zip
ePLAN macro amrio-di24_se_en_100.zip
Data sheet amrio-di24_d_en_102.pdf
Operation manual amrio-di24_g_en_103.pdf
AMRIO-DO21 Data sheet amrio-do21_d_en_103.pdf
Drawing symbol amrio-do21_s_en_100.zip
ePLAN macro amrio-do21_se_en_100.zip
Operation manual amrio-do21_g_en_104.pdf
AMRIO-RDO12 Data sheet amrio-rdo12_d_en_101.pdf
ePLAN macro amrio-rdo12_se_en_100.zip
Drawing symbol amrio-rdo12_s_en_100.zip
Operation manual amrio-rdo12_g_en_101.pdf