LookDet ver. 4.0.10

We released the long-awaited update (ver. 4.0.10) to our cloud-based supervisory system LookDet!

LookDet 4.0.10 requires Ubuntu 18.04 to function. Administrators of concerned servers were already informed about how to proceed with upgrading both the Ubuntu operating system and the LookDet supervisory system. In case you were supposed to be notified and yet you received no information from us, please, contact our technical support.

Main new features:

  • Implementation of “Technical support VPN”.
  • FrontEnd plugins can contain and call their own PHP on the server.
  • Reworked time editor of time-plans – there’s now the option to enter a specific value and time; support for defining days off.
  • Day plans can now be displayed both graphically and as a table.
  • Unified behaviour of UI in administration sections.

Updated guides for users and administrators are available in the Downloads section of the LookDet web page.