LookDet ver. 3.1.9

Check out the newly released version of the (3.1.9) cloud supervisory system LookDet.

The main innovations include:

  • Fixed: Some SVG graphic background might have been moved (absolute position in the upper left corner).
  • Fixed: Retroactive archive reading from AMiT control systems after a communication failure was flawed (plugin AMiT_off_arch).
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances, constant reading from an AMiT control system might have ignored a change of station parameters until the controller was restarted.
  • Fixed: A security error concerning access of front-end plugins to server files.
  • Fixed: Servers installed previously might have had problems deleting old data from archives (authorization settings).
  • Fixed: In Google Chrome ver. 74, SVG were getting damaged after being saved in administration.
  • New: Large graphs support multiple Y axes.
  • New: A new application for error management for Android (from v. 5 “Lollipop”).
  • New: Option to view system logs in administration (tab Systém).
  • New: Special generated password for the mobile app.
  • New: Clearer layout of authorization settings for operations at stations (changed items are highlighted).
  • New: Extended M-BUS support.

Updated operation manuals for users and administrators are available for download on the website of the LookDet supervisory system.