Kroměříž arena

  • Venue: Kroměříž arena
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Year: 2017
  • Segment: building automation, sport venues
  • Implementation partner: NORDIC LIGHT s.r.o.

Arena seating capacity: 3,000 seats (two sections per 1,500 seats). The arena was built in 1972 and roofed ten years later – in 1982. Between years 1979–1980 the arena was out of order due to major maintenance works. In 2001, the rink was reconstructed and new boards were constructed. In 2008, a new roof was laid down and, in 2011, new cooling towers were implemented. In 2017, the lighting system of the arena – above the rink and the stands – was completely reconstructed.


The control system of the AMiT company is used as a data collection system. Remote supervision along with a webserver and visualisation of lighting control was not yet implemented.

Utilised components: AMiNi4W2