TA_KOT01 (ACOS200,AMR-OP10) – boiler room control

TA_KOT01 (ACOS200,AMR-OP10) - boiler room control
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This application for control system ACOS200 with terminal AMR-OP10 (comprising programmes ta_acos_kot01_xxx.dsox and ta_acos_kot01_hmi_xxx.dsox where xxx is the version) is meant to control the operation of boiler rooms in the following configuration:

  • four equitherm-regulated (controlled by weather conditions) heating lines,
  • heating of hot water in the tank,
  • hot water circulation,
  • three-boiler cascade,
  • control of heating water pressure,
  • boiler room ventilation.

The control system evaluates and signalises failure states, controls the boiler room operation, displays statuses and quantities measured and allows the user to control and enter parameters.

Control as such is centred in the ACOS200 control system. AMR-OP10 is used only as a terminal. It displays states and values and allows to issue commands and set new values.


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