DetStudio ver. 2.1.27

What’s new in version 2.1.27

Newly supported systems:

  • Programmable controller AMR-FCT20/DM
  • Custom applications for the AMRIO modules
  • New Rev. A stations – AMR-OP87(/G) Rev. A , AMR-CP4x Rev. A


  • Saving and reading the source code to/from the device
  • Comparison of the DetStudio project with the one in the device
  • Easier management of tables
  • Enhanced functionality of Find&Replace regarding the screen design
  • New RoomUnitRHx template for the AMR-OPxx/RH type controllers
  • New blocks LD_R, LD_F and LD_RF
  • Login and UserName controls are now available even for the following HMI’s: AMR-OP10, AMR-OP70 and AMR-OP60
  • Unified behaviour of AI’s in the DI mode as well as the behaviour of the Raw parameter
  • NumericXXX –  enhanced usage of the % character in the Unit parameter
  • Update of the first application guide and new sample applications for EsiDet
  • Indexing a bit with a variable
  • Logger inspector
  • Strict type checking


  • Tunnel for DetStudio Ethernet -> Modbus RTU (loading applications to peripherals via a superior station)
  • Tunnel Modbus TCP -> Modbus RTU
  • Modbus RTU/TCP – references now available
  • Support of EAP/TLS in case of Rev. A type stations
  • Usage of the new TCP stack for the new FreeRTOS


  • LED S1 – station load indication
  • App.StationLoad parameter – station load represented in %
  • Faster variable refresh during the loading process
  • Debugging console


Download the current DetStudio version!