Measuring relative humidity with AMR-OP60(RH)

The AMR-OP60 on-wall controllers were the last series of AMiT products that featured an ambient temperature sensor but no relative humidity sensor. This feature was incorporated into the controller and we are happy to introduce the upgraded AMR-OP60RH [...]

Compatibility of on-wall controllers

When a new, relative humidity measuring on-wall controller replaces or joins the other AMiT controllers, the first thing that gets asked is whether they are compatible. The tables below show the compatibility of the currently available controllers and the [...]

AMR-OP7xRH now with built-in humidity sensor

As with the AMR-OP3xARH series of wall-mounted controllers, we enhanced the AMR-OP7xRH touch screen controllers with a sensor for relative humidity. Relative humidity measurement is now automatically included in all versions and the name of controllers is [...]

Poseidon – Wireless system

Poseidon – 868 MHz wireless system The Poseidon wireless system is a product of the Czech company ENIKA.CZ, which has more than 20 years of experience with the development and production of RF systems. The new system takes into account the [...]


AMR-OP3xARH – Programmable room controller AMR-OP3xARH wall-mounted room units with mechanical control elements and mode signalisation are also freely programmable as others AMREG series room controllers. Their functionality could be freely [...]


AMR-OP40RH, AMR-OP40RHC – Design on-wall controllers The freely programmable controller AMR-OP40RH has been designed for indoor temperature and relative humidity measurement without mechanical control options. The controller’s design stems from the [...]


AMR-OP71RH (C/P) – Wall-mounted controller AMR-OP71RH is a design version of the AMR-OP70 controller. In terms of functions, both types of wall-mounted controllers are identical. The AMR-OP71 brings a new design of wall-mounted units with its [...]