AMR-OP7xRH now with built-in humidity sensor

As with the AMR-OP3xARH series of wall-mounted controllers, we enhanced the AMR-OP7xRH touch screen controllers with a sensor for relative humidity. Relative humidity measurement is now automatically included in all versions and the name of controllers is [...]

Poseidon – Wireless system

Poseidon – 868 MHz wireless system The Poseidon wireless system is a product of the Czech company ENIKA.CZ, which has more than 20 years of experience with the development and production of RF systems. The new system takes into account the [...]


AMR-OP3xARH – Programmable room controller AMR-OP3xARH wall-mounted room units with mechanical control elements and mode signalisation are also freely programmable as others AMREG series room controllers. Their functionality could be freely [...]


AMR-OP41, AMR-OP40, AMR-OP40RHC – Design on-wall controllers The freely programmable controller AMR-OP41 features a big mechanic knob for adjustment of desired room temperature and two buttons for mode selection. The controller’s design stems from [...]


AMR-OP71RH (C/P) – Wall-mounted controller AMR-OP71RH is a design version of the AMR-OP70 controller. In terms of functions, both types of wall-mounted controllers are identical. The AMR-OP71 brings a new design of wall-mounted units with its [...]


AMR-OP70RH (C/P) – Wall-mounted controller The AMR-OP70RH is an entirely new type of programmable wall-mounted controllers. The main element is the graphic display 58 × 38 mm with a touch screen that provides comfortable control at the user’s [...]


AMR-OP60 – Programmable on-wall controller The freely-programmable AMR-OP60 room controller comes with a graphic blue-and-white display with excellent resolution (256 × 128 pixels) on a display area 44 × 25 mm. The user has 4 buttons directly below [...]