LookDet ver. 3.1.9

Check out the newly released version of the (3.1.9) cloud supervisory system LookDet. The main innovations include: Fixed: Some SVG graphic background might have been moved (absolute position in the upper left corner). Fixed: Retroactive archive reading [...]

DetStudio ver. 2.0.56

Overview of changes – Version 2.0.56 This version brings fixed bugs and minor improvements. Current DetStudio version available for download here.  

DetStudio 2.0 – Introducing a new version (Part 5)

Since you provided us with very positive feedback on DetStudio 2.0, we have prepared another episode about its innovations and improvements. In today’s article, we are going to talk about debugging. Debugging in EsiDet, DetStudio 2.0, is very [...]

AWDet ver. 1.10.3

Overview of changes – Version 1.10.3 New: Support of the control system AMR-CP4x New: Option to import nearby stations for the control system from a DetStudio project. New: Complete support of projects from DetStudio 2.0 New: Styles of the ProgressBar [...]

Pricelist update (4/2019)

Price List commentary (as of April 2019): production discontinued: AD-IRC2, DM-232TOETH, DM-MB2ET/A control systems AMiRiS99S and AMAP99S can be further ordered as custom-made; however, they are not included in the price list any more. If interested, [...]

Notice of production discontinuation (3/2019)

In March 2019, production of the following products has been discontinued: DM-MB2ET/A – this product can be replaced with the converter DM-DI4MB2ET AD-IRC2 – there is no recommended replacement for this product DM-232TOETH – last items [...]