Visibility animation


This animation allows you to control the visibility of an object or text element. There are three inputs required for this animation: Tag, Min, and Max. When the value is within the min and max values range,  the object will be visible; otherwise, it will be hidden.


To animate visibility based on the discrete (Boolean) value, set both Min and Max to 1; this way the object will become visible when the tag value equals 1 (TRUE).

As tag address, you can also set equation

If the value of „a@script“ will be bigger than „1“ it will show up the object.

Example: #

1. Click on the object that you want to animate (this will prompt the properties in the Anim tab of the Properties window) and navigate to the Visibility

2. Set the Tag (Address) and the Minimum and Maximum; if the tag value is within this range, the object will be visible, otherwise, it will be hidden.