Object’s order


Graphics objects use a hierarchical order.  If two objects overlap, the one located higher overlaps the one located below it. You can change the order of the objects by raising them up to the top or lowering them down the bottom of the layer.

Example #

1. Create a new object and use Edit -> Copy and Edit -> Paste on same location Now you have three rectangles of the same size. For easier visualization, fill each object with a different color (function Properties – Fill – Color) and drag the objects so they partially overlap.


2. Now click on Transforms -> Order to change the objects’ order and use one of the functions below:

Lower to the background – moves a selected object into the background so that all other objects are on top of it


Raise to the topmoves a selected object to the top so that all other objects are beneath it

Raise moves a selected object one level up


Lower – moves an object down one level down