Active area

Active areas are the regions in views where you can show dynamic content. It can be another view, trend, alarm window, datalog, or even an external HTML page or a live video stream. Active areas act as an active container for all those multiple options. Aside from of mySCADA’s specific functions (views, trends, etc.), you can use the active areas to show any content that conforms to HTML 5 standards. That way you can show an external web page or code an HTML page directly in mySCADA. You can also combine the active area with view scripts (JavaScript based) to achieve dynamic interaction. That way you can, for example, show Google Maps or create your own HTML component with SCADA options.

With active areas, you can show:

  • View (normal view, parametric view)
  • Documents
  • Alarms (online, history)
  • Data-log view (online, history)
  • User Actions
  • HTML (External, HTML Code, Div element)
  • Edit users (If allowed in users section)
  • Table from CSV
  • Close dialog
  • SQL table
  • Trends


  • Note: One of the main benefits is that you can change the active area content at any time using the Open command (for more, see the Commands section).