Circular sector animation

This animation is applicable to circular objects. This animation creates a circular intersection on circles and ellipses.


To use this animation:

1. Select a circle or ellipse and navigate to the Anim -> Circular Sector

2. Fill in the Tag, Minimum, and Maximum values

3. Specify Angle From and Angle To values

When the tag value is equal to the specified minimum, the object will be invisible, as the angle of the circular section will be equal to 0. As the tag value increases, the circular section will grow from the specified Angle From up to the Angle To. When the tag value is equal to the specified maximum, the circular sector will be between the Angle From and Angle To values.

Other parameters #

Reverse: reverse the orientation of the section.

Is Arc: if not selected, makes a circular section from the whole object. If selected, leaves only the Arc from the object.

Circular Sector Examples #


Circular Gauge in myDESIGNER


Circular Gauge in live view