View background

Each view can have its own background there are several options these options can be found when you click on a view and at the right side inside properties tab:


  1. GIS Map
    Each view can have its own map where you can put markers using view scripts and displaying important information about the place on a map, to make it working properly you need to provide myDESIGNER an API key from google maps which you will be asked to put inside the dialogue once you insert API key you can select out of several map settings, default zoom etc…
    Once you insert map and download project inside myPRO/myBOX/myPANEL you can zoom in/zoom out on the map and move freely by dragging with the cursor on a map.

  1. Set image
    You can set a background image inside view, so you can take out a picture of the factory line (Or model one in any software and export it to .PNG, JPG or JPEG) and insert it inside view to the background. (As you can see in our demo).

  1. Background colourOr you can just take the colour of your choice and set it to the background.