.CSV Export/Import in general

There is a possibility to also import/export Data-log, Users, Advanced trends etc…,

Just in case you have more than 500 users this will come up in handy.


Let’s say that I have a project where I will have more than 100 users and it would be time-consuming to type by hand each user inside myDESIGNER.

So I will come up to the project.

I will export empty users which will give me a column in CSV which I can fill in with data.

I have now created a list of users which I can import back to myDESIGNER.

Password can’t be set in .CSV file because it’s encrypted and password can be also a RFID so you will need to fill this in myDESIGNER by a hand.


Same can be done with Data logs etc,… Some categories are not editable too and should have a „*“ some categories have a drop-down menu where you can select out of available options.