Open command

This command is used to navigate between the HMI screens, e.g. you can open other project views from currently open ones. In addition, you can use the open command to change the content of the Active Area. The Open Command can be applied to any graphical object.

With the open command you can: #

  • Navigate to a different view
  • Open a view in a new window (except on mobile devices)
  • Change the content of the Active Area
  • Open windows as Pop-up

With the Open Command, you are able to open: #

  • Views
  • Parametric View
  • Advanced Trends
  • Data-log views
  • User actions
  • External web-pages
  • Any HTML5 content
  • Documents
  • Log-in/Log-out dialog
  • table from .csv
  • Edit users
  • Close dialog

To use the open command, please navigate to Properties -> Commands and click on the Open “” button.


You will be presented with the Open dialog:


The Open dialog has three sections:

  • Open: here you specify what you want to open
  • Parameters: this section changes depending on your previous selection.
  • Target: open in this view or in active area