Entering tags

Before linking your visualizations with PLCs, first, you have to enter the name or address of the tags from which you wish to read/write data.

The tag syntax depends on the PLC type that you want to access.


  • Note: You don’t need to enter full tag syntaxes all the time. Instead, you can use a simplified link to your tag, called an Alias. The Aliases can be defined in the Tag Database.

Alias syntax: *alias

You can type the tag directly into the tag edit field:


You can call the tag editor by clicking on the button on the right side of the tag edit field – a new dialog window will show up:


The Tag Dialog will guide you through entering your tag and will check if the syntax is correct.

You can also choose your tag directly from the tag database. To do so, please click on the Tag database. The dialog will present you with all the tags entered in the tag database.


On the left side of the dialog, you can select connection. After you select it, you can select a tag on the right side of the window.