You can create a sound animation, which will play loaded MP3 files upon notification of non-standard situations or voice announcements. You need to import the sound files before you start creating the Sound animation.

Sound import #

1. Select the Sounds folder from the Project window and click on Import in the main toolbar or right – click on the folder and select Import from the context menu.


2. Select the MP3 file from the available folders in the Import Sound Please note the maximum size of the file is 3.5 MB!


3. The sound file will be loaded into the Sound

Deleting Sound #

If you wish to delete a sound file, select it from the Sound folder and click on the Delete Sound icon in the toolbar or select the Delete command from the right-click menu.

Applying Sound Animation #

1. Select the object you wish to link a sound with, navigate to the Sound section under the Anim tab in the Properties window, and click on the ‘’ button.


2. In the dialog window you can set:


  • Sound file – MP3 file to be loaded
  • Severity (priority) – in case of simultaneous occurrence of multiple sound animations, only the sound with the highest numerical severity will be played
  • Repeat Count – number of repetitions of a selected sound
  • Volume – defines the relative volume of the played sound (related to the system maximum)
  • Start by – sets the triggering action for the sound animation:


on Click –  sound will play if you click on the object

on Down – sound will play if the object is pressed (click-and-hold)

on Up – sound will play if the object is released after click or press

3. Click on OK once you have set all required parameters.