Used components

This section shows all master components used in the whole project. If you change properties of the master components, then all subordinate components will change too.


If you navigate to the bottom right corner of the dialog window, you will see these buttons:

  • Usage – shows details about a selected component, including its location, view name, id, used colors, min & max values, units, and format


  • Replace – with this feature you can replace master components with components with similar properties (i.e. buttons to buttons, gauges to gauges, etc.)
  • Edit – opens up the component editor

Replacing Components #

1. In the Component Library navigate to the tab Used, select the master component you want to replace, and click on Replace.


2. In the next dialog window, select the component to which you want to change.


3. Once you have selected the replacement component, myDESIGNER will check if the aspect ratio matches for both components:

Sizes match                                                        Sizes do not match


If the sizes do not match, the system can automatically scale the size of the replacement component to the size of the component being replaced.

In the properties below you can also select the parameters to remain unchanged and the ones to be changed. When you are satisfied with the settings, click on the Replace button.