You can also import tags directly from the PLC programming software Rockwell Studio and Siemens TIA Portal these features are only available with myDESIGNER Enterprise.

Importing from Rockwell Studio 5000 #

To import tags from Rockwell studio, do the following:

1. Click on „File“.


2. Then click on „Save as“.


3. A new window will pop up and you select a file to be saved as „Logic Designer XML File (*.L5X)„.


4. Then you will head to myDESIGNER where you create a connection to Rockwell PLC, head to the „Tags database“ and click on „Import from Rockwell“ Which will open up a new window where you will select a file which we have exported before.


5. New Window will be opened, here you can select which tags you want to be imported, then you just click add and tags will be stored in projects tags database and you can use them in the project.


Importing from Siemens TIA Portal

The supported versions of TIA portals are version 14 and version 15.

Download TIA portal connector HERE.

1. First of all, you need to install mySCADA TIA portal connector.


2. After successful installation of TIA portal connector, we open up mySCADA TIA portal connector, if we have multiple version of TIA portal installed in our computer connector will let you select which one you want to use.


3. We click on start TIA portal which will automatically start TIA portal, then we open project inside TIA portal which we want to import tags from and then click on „Open the project view“


4. Now we can head back to TIA portal connector and click on „Connect to open TIA project“ or we can directly open project which we want using „Open project“ and selecting project we want.
If we click on „Connect to open TIA project“ it should show us at the bottom side of TIA portal connector direction where the project is.


5. Now our job with TIA portal connector and TIA portal is done, we can head to myDESIGNER. Inside myDESIGNER we create a connection to the SIEMENS PLC.


6. We click on TIA which will read for a couple of seconds, first, myDESIGNER tries to read from localhost, then if he is no success after 10 seconds it will stop read button will turn into a clickable button if you click on that you can fill in IP address of the computer with TIA portal connector + port. After configuring that PLCs which are configured in TIA should load up, doesn’t matter how much of them is created inside TIA portal, so we select PLC of our choice and press „OKAY“ and „ADD“ This will add a connection.


7. Now we can head into „Tags Database“ and click on „TIA import“ which will open up a new window which will load all tags from TIA plc. We can select tags one by one or click on the main bookmark and import all of tags at once.


  • TIP: myDESIGNER does not need to be on the same computer as TIA portal + TIA portal connector, myDESIGNER can be on completely different computer.
  • TIP: You can change DataBlock offset any time, just in case you would need to change anything, you just press import once more and if myDESIGNER realizes that there is just an offset change it will let you to just change tags offset.