DM(M)-OT – The OpenTherm/plus converter

The DM(M)-OT is a converter of the RS485 interface (with MODBUS RTU and ARION protocols) to the OpenTherm/plus (OT/+) interface. The converter works as a control unit with the OpenTherm interface in the master role and enables control of several types of boilers. The converter communicates with the boiler continuously, independently from the communication with the control system.


Up to 63 DM(M)-OT converters can operate at the same time in an RS485 network. The DMM-OT variant allows reading or writing any available DATA-ID offered by peripherals to the OpenTherm/plus network.


DM-OT ARION protocol
Document File
DM-OT Data sheet dm-ot_d_en_100.pdf
Drawing symbol
Operation manual dm-ot_g_en_103.pdf
ePLAN macro
DMM-OT Drawing symbol
ePLAN macro
Data sheet dmm-ot_g_en_100.pdf

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