DM-DI4MB2ET – M-Bus / Ethernet converter with PoE

The DM-DI4MB2ET converter is designed especially for remote data reading from measuring devices communicating via an M-Bus line (typically temperature sensors, water meters, electricity meters, etc.). The converter allows up to 3 devices with M-Bus communication to be connected to the Ethernet bus. The M-Bus line receives power from the converter’s internal power source and the converter is powered from the Ethernet network (PoE) or by 24 V DC.

Converter also allows direct measurement of the impulse outputs from water, gas and electricity meters and from similar measuring and billing devices. Counter inputs evaluate impulses up to 100 Hz with a minimum pulse width of 3 ms. The battery provides impulse counting even when there is a power outage for a period of at least 200 days.

DM-DI4MB2ET is able to communicate with a superior system using TCP in three modes:

  • APE – uses the APE protocol to encapsulate the M-Bus frame
  • Direct – uses configurable time delays to distinguish the M-Bus frame
  • MODBUS TCP – connects max 6 clients


Conversion type M-Bus <-> Ethernet
Mounting  35 mm DIN rail
Transmision rate M-Bus 150 Bd to 9,600 Bd
Transmision rate Ethernet 10 / 100 Mbps
Power supply M-Bus  From an internal source
Galvanic isolation M-Bus No
Counter inputs 4× (passive contact, without galvanic isolation)
Impulses Max. 100 Hz, min. pulse width 3 ms
Power supply

24 V DC ± 20 %

PoE (max. 70 mA at 48 V)

Dimensions (w × h × d)

(72 × 91 × 73) mm
Document File
DM-DI4MB2ET Drawing symbol
Operation manual dm-di4mb2et_g_en_101.pdf
Data sheet dm-di4mb2et_d_en_102.pdf
Programmer's guide dm-di4mb2et_ms_en_103.pdf
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